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Our attention to detail and experience with multiple EMR providers expedites the billing process. 

We are a staff of physicians that base our success on our patients' safety and comfort

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The Light Medical provides one of the most cost efficient models for anesthesia services I have seen. They have staffing plans and services that cater to the needs of the location they are staffing and quality providers to fill every role  

                                                       -Anonymous, NYC

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Call for a consultation we will provide a complex staffing plan for your practice's needs within 2 days of initial consultation.


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We partner with some of the highest quality facilities and work together to provide optimal patient care.

Company News

Westside GI, recognized by the ASGE as one of the highest quality ASC's signs The Light Medical to provide anesthesia services!

(917) 656-2872

South Brooklyn, one of the leading ASC's in the Brooklyn region signs The Light Medical to cover all anesthesia services. Read More